About the Firm

Since its inception in El Paso, Texas in 1996, the Vann Law Firm, P.C. (previously known as Elizabeth Janie Vann, P.C.),  has offered legal services in the areas of Immigration and Nationality law; Customs and International Trade law; and International Contract and Business Matters.

Our new office in Camilla, Georgia,  also offers legal services in the areas of Real Estate, Estate Planning & Probate, and General Business and Agri-Business Matters.

Today, the Firm has offices in El Paso, Texas, and Camilla, Georgia.

Our El Paso office is managed by our founder, attorney Elizabeth ("Beth") J. Vann, who has practiced law in El Paso since 1984, as well as having served as "Of Counsel" to her father's law firm, the Vann Law Firm, in Camilla from 2003 until her father's death in 2007.

In addition to practicing law in El Paso, Beth also manages our office in Camilla, Georgia. This office was founded by Beth's father, Frank C. Vann in 1951, and has offered legal services throughout South Georgia for over 56 years in the areas of Agricultural Law; Real Estate; Estate Planning and Probate, Corporate and Business Law matters.  As a result of Beth's affiliation as "Of Counsel" in 2003, the Vann Law Firm in Camilla began offering legal services in the areas of Immigration and Nationality law, and Customs and International Trade law as well. Upon her father's death in April 2007, Beth took over management of the Camilla office, and both of our offices now operate under name of Vann Law Firm, P.C. Since May 2008, attorney George L. Hamilton has served as Of Counsel to the Camilla office.

As a small law firm with a focused practice, we are able to offer sophisticated, high quality legal services at a reasonable price.  Our clients range from individuals and small or medium-sized companies to Fortune 500 companies, and are spread throughout the United States as well as in Mexico and other countries around the world. 

We use a combination of team work and technology to provide the highest quality and most efficient service possible. We use a team approach to assure that each client receives prompt and courteous service as well as the highest level of expertise. From a technology standpoint, our El Paso and Camilla locations are linked/networked together via "Terminal Server Remote Access" so that our firm files and legal resources are available to all of our offices.

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