Areas of Practice

Immigration and Nationality Law

In the immigration area, we handle the full range of employment-based and family-based non-immigrant (temporary) and immigrant (permanent) visa matters, as well as visitor visa and student visa matters.  We handle temporary and permanent labor certification matters; and we are well versed in consular processing and waiver issues. 

Most of our clients are businesses, many of which wish to transfer employees to the United States from related companies outside of the country.  Other clients are companies that wish to hire skilled alien employees because they have been unable to meet their hiring needs in the U.S. labor market. We also regularly represent individuals in both visa and naturalization matters.

We advise clients on enforcement-related matters, including I-9 employer compliance requirements, H-1B public information file requirements, and labor certification requirements. We assist clients in responding to audits conducted by governmental agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Labor and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  We also work with clients to develop compliance programs and to conduct self audits.

Customs and International Trade Law

In the Customs and international trade area,  our firm offers expertise in customs classification, valuation, and marking issues.  We assist clients in obtaining Customs rulings, filing protests, responding to Fines, Penalties & Forfeitures actions, and preparing cost submissions/reconciliations.  We also handle the preparation and filing of voluntary disclosures. 

We offer guidance, analysis, and advice on the use of preferential tariff programs, such as NAFTA, GSP, CBI, 9802, etc., and we offer similar guidance regarding the procedures for setting up and operating within foreign trade zones, bonded warehouses, and container stations.  We also provide guidance on complying with export control requirements. 

We assist clients in preparing for and undergoing Customs assessments and audits.  We also work with clients to develop compliance programs and to conduct self audits.

International Contract and Business Matters

We have expertise in drafting both international and domestic contracts, and we are knowledgeable regarding the commercial aspects of sales to and from foreign companies, as well as the use of letters of credit and other financial instruments to secure payment in international transactions.

We provide assistance to clients desiring to establish manufacturing operations abroad, as well as to clients that wish to  provide services to companies which already have manufacturing operations abroad.  Our clients include numerous companies in the Mexican maquiladora industry.

For those clients that wish to take advantage of lower manufacturing costs abroad but do not want to establish their own off-shore manufacturing facilities, we offer expertise in drafting "shelter" agreements and other international contract manufacturing agreements.

Real Estate Law  (Georgia Only)

In the real estate area, we advise clients regarding the acquisition, financing, leasing, management and sale of both improved and unimproved real property, including handling residential, commercial, industrial, and farm and ranch  transactions.  

We provide title reviews and opinions to prospective buyers as well as a number of financial  institutions, and our Firm is an authorized agent to write title insurance for First American Title Insurance.

Estate Planning and Probate  (Georgia Only)

In the estate planning and probate area, we advise and assist individual clients in their estate planning, utilizing a variety of techniques, including traditional wills, trusts, business organizations, powers of attorney and similar documents to plan and administer estates. We assist clients in addressing personal and tax issues, as well as concerns with succession, management, ownership and strategic issues arising in family or other closely-held businesses.  

Corporate Law and Agri-Business Matters (Georgia Only)

We advise and represent a wide range of individuals and companies in the planning and formation of all types of business entities including corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and professional associations, with an emphasis on farming and other agri-business entities.  We also represent buyers and sellers in the sale and/or acquisition of businesses, as well as handling a variety of  leasing transactions, including agricultural leases.   We provide advice and assistance with respect to matters related to general business management and operations, corporate governance, and contracts.

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